About Us

In addition to supplying construction materials to our domestic and international customers, our company also operates in the field of construction and contracting in installation works.

In our product portfolio, apart from our own products which is under MONZA brand, there are also leading local brands and products, each of which we represent exclusively.

Our working principle is to promote all brands and products not only with the best service, price but also with total quality understanding in our domestic and overseas sales points and to provide efficient and reliable service in our construction and contracting works.

In today's dynamic business world, the need for innovative, quality and competitive products is very important. However, in addition to these elements, other values ​​that are just as important and even more important are sales operations that include quality service and information too.

We support our customers with our solution partner approach by reflecting our long-term expertise and experience as service and information to all our business partners.

We will continue to work and serve with our valued customers with the goal of providing added value by analyzing needs, producing appropriate products, services and best solutions.